The Tory Leadership Race – On your marks…

Today is Theresa May’s last day as leader of the Conservative party, the “phoney race” of the last few weeks is over and from now on it is for real. The chart above shows the share of social media volume that each candidate has.

As with when we first measured it, Boris Johnson tops the share, and as when we first measured it, it is very rare for a Tory front runner to win.

There were rumours that John Brady and Penny Mordaunt may still have applied at the last minute but the applications have now closed. This is as it stands today, a proper “power law” curve in evey way:

Declared Candidates
Johnson 53%
Gove 9%
Hunt 8%
Leadsom 7%
Stewart 7%
Raab 7%
Javid 2%
McVey 2%
Hancock 2%
Gyimah* 1%
Harper  0%

* Update – Sam Gyimah pulled out today (10/6)

More later, as they say….