German elections

Lessons from the German election

The election is over and done, and we have looked at our system’s predicted outcome vs the actual results. This was the first election that we’ve tried to predict that wasn’t a mainly two horse race, and also the smallest Twitter sample we’ve had by far both in volume and % of population represented (vs.[…]

German Election

German Election Predictions

Dataswarm memetic analysis of German Election   We have been tracking the German election using social media since February, and 6.8 million tweets later we have some predictions. Our Data Analytics Engine (which had correctly predicted Brexit, the US Election and the latest British one against the polls’ opinions) is now predicting for Germany….well, pretty[…]

UK Election 7 June

UK Election Predictions via Social Media

Diagram showing more Tory memes in the top right, the memetic “sweet spot” of relevance and influence, There is a far higher intersection between “Theresa” and “May” than between Hillary and Clinton, which reduces her memetic impact. It’s the day before the UK general election, and our system is showing that on Twitter at any[…]

UK Elections 1st June

Monitoring the British General Election

We have turned our system onto monitoring the British General Election (see diagram above), with some trepidation, for 3 reasons: Our system uses Social Media to predict elections, and in the UK in 2010 and 2015 Social Media was massively biassed towards the Liberals and Labour respectively, so the question for us is how biassed[…]