EU daily sentiment ratio

Predicting the EU Referendum

Daily Relative shifts in sentiment vs volume for the last 31 days – the widely variant yellow signal is the Liberal Democrats, if we get this prediction wrong we’re blaming them! We turned the DataSwarm system onto the UK Local Elections, it did “OK” – saw the Tory & UKIP crashes, the Labour small drop[…]

Lyft v Uber IPO

Tracking IPOs – Lyft vs Uber

In testing the Dataswarm Analytic Engine on stock analysis and prediction, we are tracking the events leading up to the IPOs of a number of “Unicorns” – Uber, Lyft, AirBnb and Slack – to see if there is anyhing that can be learned from the social (and other) media coverage to predict what the IPO[…]

Brexit Revoke

Brexit Today: Revoke vs No-Deal

Above – Graph and text updated c 10.30 pm In the twisting and turning of Brexit, yesterday (20th March), 9 days before the UK should have left the EU, the Government finally (after weeks of it being clear it was inevitable) sought to delay the date of leaving. The “Remain” grouping were hoping for a[…]

4 banks cum fraud

Perception drag in Retail Banking

  We have now completed our analysis of the pereception of “traditional” high street banks vs new “Challenger” banks. We analysed social media from October 2018 to January 2019 for the “Traditional” banks NatWest and Lloyds, and “Challenger banks” Monzo and Revolut to understand how they were perceived, how it differed, and what lessons could[…]

4 banks Cum Serv

Retail Banking in the Fintech Age

Retail banking in the UK is supposed to be undergoing a transformation. With relatively limited choice & competition between the main incumbent players, the Government is keen to encourage a new breed of banks, the so called “Challenger Banks”. We used our DataSwarm system to understand the difference in customer perception and usage between the[…]