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DataSwarm Markets brings near real time social media data analytics to investment analysis.

DataSwarm Markets processes social media messages about stocks as they occur, calculating the sentiment and publishing it in near-real time. This is useful for traders and analysts, for example for looking at pre-market opening sentiment, timing trades during the trading period, and comparing with stock price moves.

Our experience using social media to predict various events over the last few years, such as elections, company performance and stock price movements, is that conversation drives intent – for example to vote, buy, or some other predictable reaction. Sentiment gives more information about this intent in terms of strength and direction.

From today we are offering a free test version of DataSwarm Markets that you can subscribe to. It will deliver near-real time updates for 3 stocks that you select and shows the sentiment history. We would value user feedback in developing the system further.

The DataSwarm Markets system also accumulates the sentiment history so users can see the trend of any one stock, and can see the comparative trend versus others. In addition, we show the fastest sentiment risers and fallers.

The system has been running successfully on Twitter for 2 months, check it out on its Twitter handle, @DataSwarmM.

This is just the beginning of the service; the short term roadmap features upgrades giving more useful information and more ways of distribution.

To subscribe, visit DataSwarm Markets and sign up here.