Zeiteist Signals
Bespoke Solutions

We build systems to predict trends and forecast events. Our systems have been proven among many industries and applications. Clients can either take the system datafeed feed (“Zeitgeist”) or use the bespoke systems we build for them.

DataSwarm Consulting

Industries served include Telecoms, Cosmetics, Finance, Geopolitics, FMCG, Technology, Healthcare and Media

Applications include global market analysis, sales effectiveness, customer service optimisation, competitor analysis, election prediction, market trend prediction, asset trading (DataSwarm Markets).

Examples of client specific consulting work are:

  • Analysed market for of a portfolio of products across multiple markets for global cosmetics brand
  • Analysed and improved end to end customer attraction – to – retention for major Web TV service
  • Analysed future of “Challenger banks” vs Incumbents


We have built client specific applications for:

  • Global Market analysis
  • Customer service optimisation
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Sales Optimisation
  • News Media Tracking
  • Asset price prediction

Building Zeitgeist Signals

The main areas we track and run our “Zeitgeist” prediction signals are:

  • Industry Trends & Marketing Insights
  • News / Media tracking
  • Financial Markets; Investment Analysis (DataSwarm Markets)
  • Geopolitical events

In addition, in the IARPA Geopolitical Forecasting Challenge we built algorithms to predict many types of events, including:

  • Asset, Commodity, Precious Metals, Index and Foreign exchange prediction
  • Political outcomes e.g National elections, Brexit
  • Event prediction in areas such as terror incidents, disease outbreaks, weather events
  • Technology advances
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