DataSwarm Analytic Engine

Predicting zeitgeists and trends - tracking perceptions and topics


BBC: Needed “to understand the Zeitgeist” – find the differences in tropes and topics between its news output and its competitors, in real time across all media output.


Large UK Telecoms Provider: Combined social data and customer services data and tailored its service operations to optimise the service delivery for customer satisfaction and retention


Global Cosmetics Co: Identified zeitgeists to understand the differences and similarities in future trends between markets enabling focussed product development.


Global drinks supplier: Located customer sub-groups to understand the cultures and requirements to optimise product advertising messaging by geography and media type. 

Monitoring & Alerts

Receive alerts and specified data in real time about events, emerging trends, risks and issues e.g. for crisis management work.

Smart Systems

Integration and monitoring data sources of large scale systems such as Smart City and Internet of Things applications

Swarm Intelligence

Swarm intelligence, NLP and other advanced high speed data analytics enable us to design bespoke client solutions for advanced business intelligence e.g. game theory based scenarios.

Stock Prediction

Capable of understanding and predicting people’s intentions such as stock price tracking, spotting language shifts and predicting election outcomes.  

DataSwarm Markets brings you stock market news powered by the DataSwarm Analytic Engine. Measure market sentiment now.

About DataSwarm

Cutting edge technology of today driving the agile business of tomorrow
Our solutions can be applied across the enterprise value chain

The DataSwarm Analytic Engine (DAE) uses advanced analytics to create highly valuable intelligence across all areas of the value chain. Core technologies include use of dynamic algorithms, language processing and high speed data analytics.

The system was originally designed to solve the problem of finding and sequencing tropes, trends and memes quickly and efficiently across vast quantities of media data, and can integrate social media, internal enterprise and "Internet of Things" datastreams. It is designed for flexibility and for example has been used for applications from front end social media analytics to back end customer service improvement, and from Influencer identification to election prediction.

The DAE is format independent, and so can work in most languages (human or machine).

  • Sales and Marketing

    Expose deep industry trends and uncover sub-tribes. Build on memetic insights to develop campaigns with context. Crisis management applications in real time.

  • Customer Experience

    Pinpoint factors of customer satisfaction and discontent. Establish key drivers to predict defection and enhance customer retention.

  • HR & Internal communications

    Highlight trending topics and trigger meaningful actions across the organisation. Build employee engagement and help with employee retention.

  • Product & Service Innovation

    Detect and predict trends & tropes across all industries to identify product demands enabling focussed product development.

Management Team

The team has vast experience in cutting edge analytics and social data
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Janet Parkinson

Janet studied International Business and Modern Languages. She worked in Social Media Analytics (BrandsEye) and emarketing agency Quirk (now WPP). As a consultant in the digital transformation space clients include large corporates and the public sector. For many years Janet ran an international recruitment/HR agency.
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David Short

David studied Physics, Electronics and has an MSc in Data Communications. He has worked for many leading TV companies such as the BBC, NDS and Farncombe, focusing on security, content meta-data and system integration. He is a member of the IET and the IEEE.
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Alan Patrick

Alan studied Engineering and IT systems, and has lectured on simulation and systems dynamics. He has consulted for Deloitte and McKinsey, and worked at senior levels in Telecoms, Internet and Marketing businesses.
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Andy Wise

Andrew has many years experience as an entrepreneur in the new media space having founded a number of startup businesses, combined with a long track record in the design and development of complex IT systems. Andrew thrives on complexity and innovation, he is a strong communicator and an ideas incubator.


Applications of DataSwarm technology

We believe the best solutions require both algorithms and human expertise. Combining the DataSwarm Analytic Engine (DAE) with our deep consulting experience allows us to create innovative approaches and tailored solutions. We were finalists in the IET (Institute of Engineers and Technologists) Innovation Awards 2017. Learn more about the DataSwarm Analytic Engine.

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