DataSwarm IET (Institute of Engineers and Technologists) Innovation awards

It’s true, in the Information Technology section, for our social data analytics system, and we can’t really believe it when we look at the competition (over here), but there it is….

Dataswarm – memetic analysis of social media data

DataSwarm Ltd
  • The DataSwarm Analytic Engine uses a number of cutting edge mathematical approaches to analyse social media data en masse, and to gain insights into trends and predict human behaviour patterns, for example successfully predicting Brexit and the latest US, French and UK election results.  (Addendum since this – and Germany)

We suspect predicting multiple elections correctly in a row, including the US and UK 2017 elections (against all the polls) had something to do with it. This was not something a lot of people managed to do (before the elections, anyway….).

We started the project to help us calibrate our algorithms against events with known outcomes, but it has been a very interesting project in so many other ways.

We are told there were over 300 entries. Winning the competition would be another thing entirely, but coming thus far is very good news…..

(Update – we were runners up, not the winner – but very proud to have go so far)

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